Fee Guide

Total Price Includes Hospital Costs and Consultant Fees for the procedure.

Costs for Blood tests and/or MRI are additional (if required)

Diagnostic Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks (Facet Joint Pain) £1765
RadioFrequency Denervation Medial Branch Blocks ( Facet Joint Pain) £2263
Lumbar Epidural ( Spinal Stenosis/ Sciatica) £1312
Lumbar Sleeve Nerve Root Block ( Sciatica) £1450
Caudal Epidural (Spinal Stenosis) £1312
Simplicity RadioFrequency Denervation (Sacro-Iliac Joint Pain) £2263
Genicular Nerve Block ( Diagnostic for Knee pain) £1621
Genicular nerve RadioFrequency Denervation (Knee Pain) £2263
Cervical Medial Branch Blocks (Neck pain) £1765
Cervical Epidural ( Neck and Arm Pain) £1312
Hip and Knee joint injections £1621
Suprascapular nerve block (shoulder pain) £1450


Fee for Outpatient Consultation:

Initial New Pain Consultation £200 ( 30 minutes )
Follow-up Pain Consultation £110 ( 15 minutes)